What We Do

We provide innovative tools and services to determine the costs and benefits of buildings and infrastructure projects. In addition to analyzing traditional financial costs and benefits, we also monetize the value of other impacts of sustainable design, including reduced energy use, saving water, health benefits, and many others. This ability has been automated in our two products: Autocase for Buildings and Autocase for Green Infrastructure.

What we focus on

Our Autocase applications are made for Buildings and Green Infrastructure. Our team of experienced consultants has also developed best-practice cost-benefit analysis approaches for many areas, including: airports, transit, energy, utility planning, water, wastewater, healthcare, and many others.

Our Autodesk Partnership

Autodesk has been a key partner and investor of Impact Infrastructure since 2014. We are continuously working towards deeper integration with Autodesk products, sales, and marketing.

Clients We've Worked With